Prince Hall Masonic Lodge Diversity No. 330

P.O. Box 8068 - Alexandria, VA 22306-8068

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Diversity Lodge got it's name because of the diverse backgrounds of the founding members. Our diversity is only part of what makes our lodge home to many brothers. Some of our members have moved on to other parts of the world yet still continue to maintain their membership.

Are you a man in search of becoming a Mason?

Have you always wondered what all those emblems were about? Do you have friends that are Masons and wonder how they joined? Do you have a family member who you look up to that is a Mason and you always wondered what made him such a good man? Contact us and we will guide your way.

Are you a Mason in search of a home?

Have you moved around the country or the world and settled in our area in search of a Masonic home? Are your dues up to date? Are you earning your wages? If you would like a place to fellowship with other men like yourself, contact us.

Are you a Mason who wants to return? 

Have you moved around and lost your way? Are your dues behind and your affiliation questionable? Are you clandestine and want to get back into the fold? If you would like a forgiving home and a strong family, contact us.

Do you just want to know more about Masonry?

Make the decision to contact us today.



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If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

— Benjamin Franklin
American writer, humorist, ambassador, inventor and Freemason